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LULAC Housing Program

by User Not Found | Oct 12, 2012
LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens)

LULAC supports an increase in the nation’s stock of affordable housing. It particularly champions an increase in resources to build, rehabilitate and preserve housing for low and extremely low income households in both the rental and purchase markets. In addition, LULAC supports the development of more housing for the elderly; the creation of additional emergency shelter to permanent housing for victims of domestic violence; the development of integrated permanent supportive housing for people with disabilities and an increase in funding for programs and services to end homelessness. LULAC also supports investments in green affordable housing. 

LULAC supports increasing services and affordable housing units for America’s rural poor. It strongly encourages the development of housing options for migrant farm workers and their families. 

LULAC supports the improvement in the quality of life of residents of the Southwest border colonias, including access to such basic amenities as electricity and potable water. LULAC opposes all forms of housing discrimination and calls for stronger enforcement of fair housing laws and the elimination of predatory lending practices. LULAC seeks higher funding to increase the capacity of Hispanic organizations to conduct fair housing education and enforcement activities.

LULAC supports foreclosure intervention programs and efforts to help stop foreclosures. LULAC calls for the creation of programs to help tenants of foreclosed rental properties remain in their homes.