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Best Practices for Interpreters/Translators

by User Not Found | Jul 20, 2017

The Interpreter/Translator Taskforce was created in 2012 to help guide the future of this professional field in Kansas.  Currently, interpreters are not subject to uniform professional or legal regulation. One exception is American Sign Language credentials which are managed by the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. For other languages there are no state certifications in Kansas. This handbook will serve as a guide to implementing good practices. Since federal and state law require the assistance of an interpreter under certain circumstances, yet does not specify certification standards, this handbook provides a summary of professional standards. The task force goals are: 1) only qualified and trained persons will act as interpreters and translators; and 2) this professional expertise will become more fully developed across the state. 

This document is intended for various audiences including 1) service providers, 2) persons not proficient in English, 3) interpreters/translators, and 4) educators of future interpreters and translators. It provides a summary of best practices and resources.

To read the Best practices handbook